wow haven’t used tumblr in like over 6 months

but since i can’t really talk about this to anyone, i guess the internet will have to do. 

so. i’m like super duper glad that you feel comfortable enough to come to me with your problems and issues, but i’m like super duper not glad that you literally only talk to me when you need my advice. like we’ve been in college for like 2 months now and the first time you’ve talked to me was today, asking me for advice about something very serious and very stupid. i gave you my advice, which i’m like 99% sure you won’t take, and then the conversation ended. thanks for asking me about how my college life is. it’s going great. actually wonderful. i’ve loved all the people i’ve met and it’s been a good fun time. maybe i’ll actually be REAL friends with these people, unlike with you. you’re just sooooOOOooOoOOOOoo flaky and you seriously don’t really give a shit about anyone but yourself. but who could blame you? you’ve had a rough year. you’re probably the ONNNLLLYYY person on the fucking planet who’s had a rough year. we can’t compare apples to oranges, but i didn’t exactly have a peachy year either but at least i’m still a good friend who regularly talks to the people who matter to me. 

omg wow a second phone call. okay i am not your fucking therapist. why are you asking me for advice that i know you won’t take because you’re too much of a push over to do anything. 

ugh sorry world for being so annoyed at this.

just for future reference: 1) i hate fake friends because they aren’t real friends 2) i hate flaky friends because you can literally never depend on them 3) don’t call me to talk if you don’t care about anything going on in my life 4) not a huge fan of one sided friendships - i usually end them.

the end